• Test Saloe!Use it to make your rich and healthy dishes.

  • Surprise your guests
    with Saloe

    Aloe Vera chunks or aloe vera juice, prepared to be served or to accompany other food.
    The perfect way to enjoy eating
    with your loved ones, while you take care of yourselves at the same time.

  • Recipes
    with Saloe

    Saloe is the ideal ingredient
    to give free rein to your imagination creating
    different dishes to surprise
    your guests.

Aloe Vera

Is a gift of nature. It has been used to take care of your skin (outside), but now it comes to be eaten, to take care of your body (inside) too.

In Naturae

We try to improve your day-to-day with unique and natural products, based on biotechnology, obtained from our own ecological crops.

That is Saloe

The ideal accompaniment for making fresh, healthy and natural dishes.

A piece of welfare

Due to the famous benefits of Aloe Vera, Saloe will make you feel good, improving the quality of your life.

Our videos. Enjoy with Saloe

Saloe begins in the field

by controlling the organic aloe vera crops, cultivated in Andalucía. In the farming we use nanotechnological productive systems. The result of all of this things makes our crops the ideal place to obtain the most high quality raw material.

After the manual harvest

we transport the aloe vera crop to our Biofactory in Pradoluengo, Burgos. It is the first Biofactory in Europe in wich, with 100% natural nanotechnology, we extract the best of each plant.

Thus, we have become the first aloe vera processor Biofactory in Europe, certificated by the International Aloe Science Council.

In Naturae

Betting on innovation and national production, we have accomplished to extract the aloin of the plant in a natural way.

This is how

We eliminate the original bitterness of the plant and obtain a pleasent, mild and sweet flavour.

Saloe is a certified product of the Spanish Biofactory Naturae ®.


Aloe vera has always been used as an external and cosmetic product.
But now, Naturae has increased its applications and has developed a product for cooking, so that you can also take care of your body internally.
Improve you welfare; make your dishes healthier with Saloe in an easy way.

Aloe, a source of welfare

Scientific research has proved that Aloe Vera has healthy effects concerning the
regulation of digestive disorders such peptic ulcer, stomach flu, colitis inflammatory,
or anxiety, wich affect the digestive tract (Femenia et al, 1999; Rivero Martínez et al, 2002).

It also regulates the immune system reinforcing the natural defenses
against infections (Karaca et al, 1995), etc.

Saloe es el complemento ideal para tus platos, que los mejorará de manera sana, fresca y natural.

Recipes for you to add aloe vera to your dishes

Saloe is the ideal ingredient to give free rein to your imagination
creating different dishes to surprise your guests.
Due to its characteristics and qualities,
it is the perfect accompaniment for making delicious and healthy dishes.